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Hot Knife Cutter, Strip Cutter - Scan Relation

Hot knife cutter and strip cutter machines for narrow fabrics

Reduce Your Cutting Costs/Avoid Wastage/Improve Product Quality

Do you need to measure and cut narrow materials to length? then you have found a solution, the Suhr automatic strip cutter from Denmark. If you need to measure and cut materials such as webbing, elastic, Velcro, high-viz tape, zip tape, ribbon, magnetic strip, Kevlar, Nomex, rope, cord, braid, flat ribbon cable, heat shrink tubing etc. then look no further. Hundreds of these machines are in use across the United Kingdom and around the world in a variety of industries including air bags, fall arrest harnessís, safety belts etc.

Cost/Time Saving Features:-

Push Button Programming - most operators can use the machine immediately, no special training required.

Fully Automatic - no need to have someone standing over the machine, once set staff can return to other jobs. The alarm sounds if material runs out, or when the batch is completed.

Small & Compact - Can be carried by one person, requires only a 13amp plug/air line, enabling itís use in any part of the production area.

Three Types of machine:-

Cold/Guillotine Strip Cutter - Strip cutting of Velcro, elastic, Reflexite tape, zip tape, heat shrink tubing, blind fabric and most flexible none wovens. Any material where a hot knife cutter is not required.

Hot Knife Strip Cutter - A hot knife cutter capable of cutting and sealing synthetic wovens such as webbing, zip tape, elastic, ribbon, rope, cord and braid, using a temperature controlled hot knife cutter.

Ultrasonic Strip Cutter - Measuring cutting and sealing of materials such as Nomex and Kevlar or materials that require a soft finish for lingerie, bra straps, watch straps, fashion belts, anything worn close to the skin. A softer sealed alternative to a hot knife cutter.

Punching/Marking/Pre-feeding - Attachments for punching holes on-line or stamping sewing marks to avoid hand marking or for pre-feeding heavy reels to improve accuracy.

We know these machines are helping to reduce costs and improve product quality in many manufacturing companies around the world. If you think one could be of assistance to you, contact us now on (44) 01704 550500 or you can e-mail us from this site. Alternatively please send us a reel of your material so that we can produce sample cuts to return for your inspection. Act now to reduce your cutting costs, avoid wastage and improve product quality.

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